NekoMode Reference & Credits

Character Description

“Neko” or NekoModeCom, or is the virtual avatar of NekoMode used for streaming, content creation, and podcasting purposes. Neko is a lupine were-person (not a cat!) with golden eyes, blue hair, white fur, kenomimi ears with pink accents, bestial limbs with pink paw pads, and slightly retrograde legs. He wears no shoes, has retractable claws, and has a hard time gripping small things like mice and game controllers due to his oversized paws. He is incapable of using headphones due to his lack of human ears.

Reference Materials

Vtuber Avatar

Character design, art, and rigging by Cz

Logo / Branding

Edits by NekoMode, Vector Logo by Hawari

Character Sheet

Character Sheet

Other Character Assets

Character and social media assets commissioned by me.

Character Portrait

by Zinniafloof

Social Media Banner

by kenapplep

Character Badge

Character Chibi

Character Emotes

All emotes are Made by Sachio



Stream Assets

Stream related assets commissioned by me.

For the full credits of stream assets, including props, non-character assets, free assets, and premium assets please visit the Credits page.